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We, United Business Applications (UBA), are a regional leader in our area of expertise, providing a wide range of unique business solutions serving the Global Market. The driving force behind our success and growth is our heavy investment in human capital, having produced staff and team members who are well trained, highly motivated and empowered. With our employees being our main assets, we thrive in creating a work environment where they can learn and grow on a continuous basis. We at UBA, are proud of our employees, currently employing 50 full time team members fully committed to the long-term success and well-being of our company. Our dedication to our business and its development is clearly depicted with our investments made in creating multiple start-ups and subsidiaries. In addition, we support over 4000 businesses users. With over 19 years of experience in Business Applications to our name throughout the MENA region, we have completed over 400 projects to date worldwide to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

As a leading regional provider of Business Applications, UBA has invested heavily in creating multiple Start: ups and subsidiaries. /Boosting over 19 years of experience at the MENA level, our achievements are highlighted through: -
- Created an award-winning Automotive Dealer Management System
- Developed our own HRMS solution (Kayan HR)
- Leading salesforce partner in Jordan
- Largest Sage Partner in the region

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